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Auto insurance companies set your rates based on a risk assessment. The companies are essentially betting against you needing to file a claim. In order to conduct your risk assessment, auto insurance companies consider a variety of factors, including:


Your state of residence and zip code heavily influence your insurance rate. If you drive in a more congested area, your chances of being involved in a crash increase. On the other hand, drivers in rural areas are less likely to impact another vehicle.

Another major determining factor is the crime rates in your area. Even the safest drivers may need to file a claim if their vehicle has been burglarized or stolen. If you are preparing to move to a major metropolitan area, compare rates across various zip codes first. You may be able to obtain cheap auto insurance by simply living in a different zip code within the same city.


Insurance companies also consider details like age, gender, and marital status when setting your rates. Younger male drivers are considered to be higher risk than older clients. Insurance companies may also discount your policy if you are married and are insuring multiple drivers and/or vehicles.

Vehicle Information and Driving Record

Your vehicle make and model will heavily influence your insurance rates as well. Higher-end vehicles are more expensive to repair or replace, and will therefore increase rates.

Your driving record is also a key factor that influences your insurance rate. If you have a history of speeding or have filed multiple claims in recent years, insurance companies will typically charge you more.

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