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The first step to getting cheap auto insurance is comparing quotes from multiple providers.

There are many ways to obtain these quotes depending on how much leg work you’re willing to do. If you have time to burn, you can even opt to visit insurance agents in person. This would require you to make an appointment and drive to the nearest office(s). An alternative option is to call each company and obtain a quote over the phone.

If you are looking to save time, getting quotes from insurance company websites is a good option. However, be prepared to re-enter the same information over and over again on multiple websites. You will also probably want to enter identical coverage amounts on each insurer website so your quotes will be comparable to one another.

Finally, you can use a quote comparison tool to get quotes from multiple providers at once. You only have to enter your information one time, so if you’re looking for the fastest way to get cheap coverage then a comparison tool may be the way to go.

Common Auto Insurance Discounts

Every insurance company is different, but there are certain discounts that are offered among most major providers. Popular discounts include:

Multiple policies
Multiple vehicles
Safe driver
Good student
First responder
Healthcare worker
Industry-specific discount (employer discount)
Government employee discount
Paperless billing
Paying online

The more of these discounts that you qualify for, the better your chances are of obtaining cheap car insurance. Before you finalize a policy, be sure to inquire about any profession-specific discounts, as these often go overlooked.

You’ve Already Earned a Discount on Auto Insurance