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While your driving record is a key factor that can influence your auto insurance rates, it is not the only criteria that providers consider. Insurers also review a variety of other factors in order to conduct a thorough risk assessment. These factors include:

Age and Marital Status

Typically, younger people are considered to be higher risk than more experienced drivers. Married couples also tend to receive cheaper rates than singles.


Insurance companies consider your location when providing you with a quote. If you live in a highly-populated area with lots of cars on the road, your rates will likely be higher. Drivers who live in rural areas are less likely to be involved in a crash and may receive discounted rates. For example, drivers in New York generally receive higher average rates than those who are in Montana.

Vehicle Make and Model

The newer and more expensive your vehicle is, the higher your rates will be. This is because high-end vehicles are more costly to repair or replace in the event of an accident.

Driving Habits

Your driving habits affect your insurance rates. If you drive a high number of miles every month, your coverage may be more expensive. If you drive for Uber Eats or another delivery service, then your insurance will also be more costly. In fact, if you are a driver for a service like Uber Eats, you should make sure that you purchase a rideshare insurance policy to cover you while making deliveries.

Type of Coverage

When you’re building a policy, you may choose full coverage auto insurance or just the minimum requirements in your state. Different levels of coverage come at different price points.

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