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Nobody wants to get pulled over. Getting pulled over can be stressful and scary for drivers. If new to this situation, consider following these steps when you see flashing lights in your rearview mirror:

  1. Slowly pull over. Use your turn signal and proceed to a safe location along the right side of the road. If the location seems dangerous, continue driving until you find a safe, well-lit place to stop, but turn on your hazard lights to indicate you see the officer. As long as it’s clear that you intend to pull over, most officers will understand.
  2. Follow the officer’s instructions. Roll down the window and place both hands on the wheel. Do exactly what the officer asks, including providing your license and registration once requested. Alert the officer before reaching into the backseat, the glove compartment or into a purse or other bag.
  3. Stay calm. Talk to the officer in a calm manner to avoid escalation of the situation.

Proof of insurance

If you get pulled over, you will most likely be asked for your license, registration and proof of insurance. Are you prepared to show that information quickly? Is it at your fingertips? It’s a good idea to always be prepared. You should always carry your vehicle’s registration card in the glove box. As for proof of insurance, every state now accepts electronic proof of insurance on your phone using a mobile app.

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