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Car Insurance Deductible

An auto insurance deductible is a fixed amount that a driver agrees to pay out of his or her own pocket for the repair or replacement of a car in case of an accident. Let’s try to understand this with an example; consider that you got into an...

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Does Car Insurance Cover Theft?

A stolen car is every drover’s worst nightmare and the cases of the stolen car are increasing every year. The first and foremost question that arises is; does car insurance cover theft? Yes, it does. But only very limited car insurance policies...

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4 Ways to Save on Car insurance

Now comes the most important section of our blog; how you can save some money while purchasing car insurance? Below are some tried and tested ways you can try: Shop Around Make a list of all the top car insurance companies in your area and ask...

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How to Avoid Drunk Driving

You know how dangerous driving drunk is, and how challenging the penalties might be if you commit this offense. That’s why you should never drive drunk. It is against the law and incalculably hazardous. Still, simply saying that you won’t drive...

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You’ve Already Earned a Discount on Auto Insurance