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Driving in Bad Weather

Driving is dangerous at all times of the day or night, no matter what the weather might be. Still, the U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that roughly 21% of all vehicle crashes in the U.S. occur in adverse weather conditions. Plus...

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What Do I Do After an Accident?

1. Safety First If the car accident is minor, move vehicles out of traffic to a safe place. Shift into park, turn off your vehicle, and turn on the hazard lights. Use cones, warning triangles, or flares for added safety, if you have them. 2. Get...

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How to Get Cheap Auto Insurance

The first step to getting cheap auto insurance is comparing quotes from multiple providers. There are many ways to obtain these quotes depending on how much leg work you’re willing to do. If you have time to burn, you can even opt to visit...

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Auto insurance rates rise

Despite recent increases in auto insurance rates, the market is still soft, according to Elyse Greenspan, a managing director at Wells Fargo. “The increase sequentially was very modest,” Greenspan said in an interview. “The reason why there was a...

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You’ve Already Earned a Discount on Auto Insurance